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Clive Gillman



CV: bio. to 94.   


Articles and reviews about the artist


Advent catalogue with CDRom Film & Video Umbrella/Elipsis 1997;

Heliotrope Cartwright Hall Art Gallery 17.10. 1998;   


[‘Losing’] 'Video Positive 1991' Chris Meigh-Andrews Art Monthly June 1991.   

[Timezones 9AM work] 'Monster Crash & The Culture War' Nik Houghton Independent Media March 1988,

'Tuning Japanese' K Flett The Face October 1988;

[‘Sabotein Boi] 'Rubber Monsters and Love Hotels' Nik Houghton Independent Media September 1988,

'Monitor' column Invision October 1988;

'Metronome and the Mass Media Mix Up' Clive Gillman [A Warning Attack Recovery Situation] Nik Houghton Independent Media May 1987; 'Solid State Remains: Clive Gillman' Nik Houghton Independent Media November 1987;


Articles and reviews by the artist

‘Moving towards acronymity’, FACTORS 1991,  FACT 2001

'The flashing prompt : new media centres and regeneration” in 'New Media Culture In Europe, Uitgeverij de Balie and the Virtual Platform, 1999. ISBN 90-6617-228-2

'Processing Fluid' Filmwaves n.14, 2001;

'Stepping Down from the Screen - Interactivity and the Art Game Algorithm' Undercut 19 1990.

'The View From the Bridge (written from the water)’ 1991 LVA Catalogue 1991



‘Advent electric art 3’ 1997;

‘Heliotrope’ Cartwright Hall Art Gallery 17.10. 1998;

‘The Drake Street Observatory’ Rochdale