Documents held in the British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection

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Henry Bond



CV to 95;


Articles and reviews about the artist

“Deep Dark Water”, Artists’ Newsletter, November 1994;



‘Photographs by Barbara Visser selected by Henry Bond. Photographs by Henry Bond selected by Barbara Visser’, Bloom Gallery, Amsterdam, 3rd December 1994-8th January 1995;

‘The Softly Softly’, Germany, 5th-29th November 1994;




‘Omron’ preview invitation 7th February 1995;

‘Henry Bond’ at the Ars Futura Gallery, 16th September-29th October 1994;

‘Henry Bond and Liam Gillick’ card 1993

‘Henry Bond’ at the Ars Futura Gallery, 20th November 1992-9th January 1993;

‘Henry Bond’ (card with girl in water), 1992;



‘Attention David Curtis…’ fax to David Curtis re Omron, 7th February 1995;

‘Dear David…’ letter to David Curtis re Omron screening and new tape, 16th January 1995;

 ‘Dear Henry…’ letter from David Curtis re Omron screening and request for tape, 9th January 1995;

‘Omron Television: A proposal for Discussion’ television proposal, 14th November 1994;

‘Deep, Dark Water’ catalogue, Henry Bond and Public Art Development Trust, ISBN: 1898278067, 1994;

‘Le Principe de Realite’, Villa Arson, Nice, 1993;

Credit sheets for: ‘Deep, Dark Water’ (1993), ‘Torch’ (1993), ‘On the Buses’ (1993), ‘Hotel Occidental’ (1993), ‘Big Shout’ (1993), ‘The Burglars’ (1992/4), ‘The Softly Softly’ (1994), ‘Walked’ (1994);