Documents held in the British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection

(title, author, publication, date, etc, included where known)


David Larcher



‘Interview with David Larcher 25 may 2010’.  Simon Payne (unpublished)

Cv to 1994;


Articles and reviews about the artist

Web pages x3 (The Epic Flight, Projected Perspective, VideÆvoid text) with reviews of David Larcher’s  films, 1st December 2003;

'VideÆvoid' Jane Giles, 'What You See is What You Get', ICA, 1995;

'David Larcher-Chaos Numerique', Jean-Yves Barbichon, Nov Art , Novembre 1994- Janvier 1995;

‘Some notes as add endda’ for ‘VideÆvoid-the trailer’, N. Bean, July 1993;

Michael O'Pray's note on ‘EETC’ in The Elusive Sign (ACGB/BC 1988);

Review of ‘Monkey’s Birthday’ by Heathcote Williams, 7th May 1975;

‘Mare’s Tail’ (x2), John Du Cane, Time Out, 28th January- 3rd February 1972;

‘The light of the eye’, Simon Field, Art and Artists, December 1972;

Review of ‘Mare’s Tail’, Simon Hartog, Friends 22nd November1969;

’VideÆvoid’ by Fogy Gifford & ‘Profile: David Larcher’ by Anna Thew, both in Eyeball - Sex & Humour in World Cinema, (Issue No5), [undated];

‘Film Video TV’ (essay on David Larcher, Guy Sherwin, David Hall),  Nicky Hamlyn, Coil No 3, [undated];

Larcher’s Trace’, Nic Houghton, Independent Media, German review of ‘EETC’, Channel’s 4 note for the screening of ‘EETC’ in Eleventh Hour [undated];

‘Video showing UK-videÆvoid’ Radical Challenge, p.36, [undated];

‘Granny’s Is’, edition a voir catalogue, organised by LVA [undated];

‘La vie du grain’, Pierre Schaeffer, [undated];

‘David Larcher’, A Perspective on British Avant-Garde Film 1978,  Arts Council of Great Britain, 1978, ISBN: 0 900229 54 3, p.66.


 Articles and reviews by the artist

Chimaera- monographie, David Larcher, Edition du Centre International de Creation Video Montbeliard Belfort, 1992, No ISSN: 1162-1206;

‘Innovative programmes need innovative producers’ David Larcher, Independent Media (issue 76), April 1988;*

Photographs by David Larcher, Image (Vol.6, No. 1), Spring 1967.

Photographs by David Larcher, Image (No. 17), Spring 1966.



Programme notes for the screening of ‘EETC’ for the exhibition ‘A Century of Artist’s Film in Britain’ in Tate Britain, 15th February 2004;

David Larcher’s booklet  (L’ANE) for the screening of ‘Monkey’s Birthday’ in Luxkinema, 2nd September 2001;

Programme notes for ‘Monkey’s Birthday’, Dawn Film Screening at the Lux, 2nd September 2001, e-mail from Ben Cook, 28th August 2001;

David Larcher’s programme note for the ‘EETC’, [undated];

NFT programme notes by David Curtis and A.L. Rees for ‘EETC’ screening, [undated].



Flier for the screening of ‘EETC’

Invitation to the screening of ‘Mare’s tail’, with an extract of Steve Dwoskin, [undated];

‘VideÆvoid’ card;

‘EETC’: Larcher’s Co-op screening invitation x2, 2nd March 1987.

‘Monkey’s Birthday – a film by David Larcher’ Museum of Modern Art, Oxford 29may 1976

Preview for ‘EETC’ in Channel 4 Cinema [undated];

David Larcher’s hand out for the screening of ‘EETC’ in Millennium (New York), 10th December 1977;


Funding Applications

Application for the ‘Artists Film and Video’- Production awards 1999-2000;

Unidentified Funding Application for the production of ‘VideÆvoid’, 31st January 1992.

'Idiot Son of a Donkey' application to BFI PB, 6th June 1973 and Malcolm Le Grice's defence of it, 1973;



‘Frameworks’ correspondence in response to Larcher’s USA screenings March 2000;

Letter of David Larcher to Tony Warcus and David Curtis, 25th January 1994;

Letter of David Larcher to David Curtis (Arts Council), 1st February 1988;

Larcher’s collage ‘The Time, 2nd March 1987’ for ‘EETC’;

Channel’s 4 technician’s report for the broadcast of the ‘EETC’, 24th July 1986 and 24th September 1986;

Larcher’s description and texts for the ’EETC’, 22nd October 1979;

Letters of Tony and Jerry for the screening of ‘Monkey’s Birthday’ in Cinematique Pacifique, Vancouver, Canada, 28th October 1977;

Letter from an admirer (Jeff Ordover) about ‘Mare’s Tail’, January 1974;

Various articles and pieces about ‘Mare’s Tail’ for the showing in Hamburg in January 1973;

Collection of unidentified copies for ‘EETC’ [undated];

Television screening of the ‘EETC’ in Channel’s 4 ‘The Eleventh Hour’ [1986?];

Poster image of ‘ VideÆvoid’, [undated];

‘VideÆvoid: the trailer’, sequential texts and language description of the trailer version [undated];

‘VideÆvoid’: overview, sketch and note, [undated];

Poster image for the ‘EETC’ in Channel 4 television, [undated];

Mark Webber’s handwritten notes on Larcher’s work.