Documents held in the British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection

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Meigh-Andrews Chris



CV to 1994;

CV & filmography to 2000.


Articles and reviews about the artist

‘Case study: A photographic truth’, [uncredited], HotDots, November 2001;

‘Readership for Video Artist’, (academic news)[uncredited], University of Lancashire, May 2000;

‘Images of spa’s history’, [uncredited], Bath Cronicle, 21st May 1999;

‘Due mostre alla Certosa Di Calci-Technologia e ambiente poi amore e…farfalle’, [uncredited], La Nazione, 17th April 1998 (and translation in English);

‘Chris Meigh-Andrews- Certosa di Calci’,(in Italian and in English), Chiara Leoni, Flash Art , 1998;

‘Exhibitions: Mind’s Eye’, Simon Grant, The Guide West, 12th-18th July 1997;

‘Art and science meet in the Mind’s eye’, [uncredited], Outlook, April 1997;

‘Unmasking the masculine: The personal in Men’s Video’, Cate Elwes in Diverse Practices-A critical Reader on British Video, Julia Knight ed., Arts Council of England/ John Lilly Media, Luton, 1997;

'Perpetual Motion by Chris Meigh-Andrews', Mickela Sonola, City Life (Manchester), October 1996; 

‘Chris Meigh-Andrews’, Sean Cubitt, in A Directory of British Film and Video artists, David Curtis ed., Arts Council of England/ John Lilly Media, Luton, 1996;

‘Zoom in for art show’, [uncredited], Evening Gazette, 7th June 1995;

'A Sense of Myself: Lens-Based Self-Portraits: 1974-94, a CD-ROM by Chris Meigh-Andrews’, Ian Harrow,  [uncredited], June 1994; 

'Cross Currents' for River Crossings, [uncredited], Artists Newsletter, June 1994; 

‘River Crossings’, Stage, Screen and Radio, [uncredited], May 1993;

‘Commmissioned…’, Sean Cubitt, Videography: Video Media as Art and Culture, MacMillan, London, 1993;

‘Preston. Eau d’ Artifice. Harris Museum’, Cate Elwes, Performance, Spring 1992;

Various articles [unidentified and uncredited], in German and English for ‘Streamline’ in ‘European Media Art Festival’, Osnabruck, Germany, 1992;

'Streamline', Adrian Henri, Liverpool Daily Post, 21st August 1991;                                            

‘Preston. Video and Transmissions. Harris Gallery’, Artscribe International, 4th May 1991;

'National Identities', [uncredited], Independent Media, July-August 1989;

'The Stream', Nik Houghton, Independent Media, March 1988;

‘Channel 6-Breaking boundaries selection’, Steven Bode, Independent Media, January 1987;

Preview on ‘Mind’s Eye’,[uncredited], Hotbath Gallery, Bath,16th July-13th August, in Contemporary Visual Arts, issue15, July 1997;

'Chris Meigh-Andrews-Questions by Cinzia Cremona' (x2), (interview), Virus, Milan, April 1995;

‘The room With A View’, ICA Videotheque, [uncredited] review in Time Out, July 1983;

Article with a photograph of Chris Meigh-Andrews’ ‘Continuum’, in Stills, Winter 1982;


Articles and reviews by the artist

'Mapping the Image' in Digital Creativity, Vol.12, No.2, 2001;

'Art in-sight: Chris Meigh-Andrews, Videotapes, Installations & Projections 1978-2001', Filmwaves Issue 15, 2001;

‘Early Single screen video tapes. Part 1: 1977-1981’, reviews of his films between 1977-1981, March 2000;

‘The Visible and the Invisible’ (on Bill Viola), Art Monthly, February 1994;

'Abstract Still Life Portrait', Art Monthly, March 1992;

‘Streamline- Videoinstallation’, (in German and English), for the ‘European Media Art Festival’, September 1992;

'Room with a View' for The Photographers’ Gallery, London, 1984;

‘From photography to video’, August 1981;

‘Mothlight di Chris Meigh-Andrews’ by C. Cremona and C. Meigh-Andrews, April 1998 and ‘Le cose non sono quello che sembrano’ [uncredited], for the exhibition in Calci, [undated];



‘Mothlight’, includes: Meigh Andrews’ notes and thoughts on ‘Mothlight’, Chiara Leoni’s review of ‘Mothligth’, diagram on ‘Mothlight’ and biographical details, 1998;

Programme note for 'Vortex', Sean Cubitt, Wallasey, 19th October 1995;

‘Oxford Photography-Electronic Imaging Exhibition’, with an article of Chris Meigh-Andrews, February and March 1995;

 ‘Video Screenings’ in ICA Cinematheque, 12th June 1984;

National Film Theatre-programme notes by Chris Meigh-Andrews for ‘The Visible/Invisible’, 1980;



‘Shhh!! …music for museums-Friday late view’ (card), Music and Video by Chris Meigh-Andrews, V&A Museum, 25th August 2000;

‘Shhh!! …music for museums-Friday late view’ (flier), V&A Museum, 25th August 2000;

‘Fenetre Digitale’ Galerie Brighi, Paris, 23rd Juin-18th Julliet 2000;

‘Place Setting’, V&A Museum, 3rd November 1999;

‘Submerged’ (exhibition), Bath International Music Festival, Bath, 20th May- 6th June 1999;

‘Mothlight’ (card), at Rich Women of Zurich, 29th-31st March 1999;

‘Mothlight’ (card), at Certosa di Calci, Calci, 18th April- 23rd Maggio 1998;

‘Mothlight’ (flier), at Rich Women of Zurich, 30th March 1999;

‘Back/slash’ Castlefield Gallery, 6th September 1996;

‘Vortex’ (brochurex2), Prema Arts Centre, Gloucestershire, 30th October- 9th November 1995;

‘Taped-An Exhibition of Video Art’ (brochure), Claws Exhibition, Museums and Galleries, Middlesbrough, May-August 1995;

‘Fire, Ice and Steam’, in ‘Taped: an exhibition of video art’, Middlesbrough Art Gallery, 3rd June-8th July 1995;

‘Perpetual Motion’ & Workshop, Galerie Saw, Ottawa, 22nd August-15th September 1994;

‘Perpetual Motion’, School of Visual Arts Music and Publishing, Oxford Brookes University and Oxford Photography, 5th July 1994;

‘External affairs-film/video/sound/installation’, Canada House Gallery, London, September 1989;

Card from Film and Video Artists on Tour, 1984;

‘MA Fine Art Show’, Goldsmiths’ College, 23rd-26th September 1983;

Video Screening at ICA, ‘The Distracted Driver’, 19th January 1982;

‘Electric Eyes’, Film and Video Umbrella, [undated];



‘The Digital Aesthetic’, (exhibition-brochure), Chris Meigh-Andrews, Centre of Contemporary Art, Preston, 1st November-17th November 2001;

Press Release: 'A Photographic Truth' for the V&A Museum exhibition, 3rd March 2001;

List of ‘Chris Meigh-Andrews: Exhibitions&Publications’ to 2001;

List of Chris Meigh Andrews: Video Tapes, Installations&CD ROMS’ to 2001;

‘Chris Meigh-Andrews: Exhibitions and publications’, to 2001;

‘Fenetre digitale’, Time Out listing for its showing at the Nunnery, 25th November 2000;

‘Video Screenings Part 3: Video sculpture & Installations: 1990-1999’, April 2000;

‘Submerged’ (exhibition-brochure), Bath International Music Festival, Bath, 21st May- 6th June 1999;

Poster for the preview of ‘Mind’s Eye’ in Hotbath Gallery, Bath, 16th July-13th August 1997;

Press Release for ‘Mind’s Eye’, Institute of Neurology, London, 16th July-13th August


Press release for ‘Back/slash’ in Castlefield gallery, 7th September-4 November 1996;

‘The work of Chris Meigh-Andrews in review’, Directory of British Film and Video Artists, John Libby Media/Arts Council of England, London, 1996;

Letter of Chris Meigh-Andrews to Tony Warcus, 23rd May 1994;

Letter of Cate Elwes and Chris Meigh-Andrews to David Curtis, 5th November 1993;

Feasibility Study and Technical Report for the Arts Council of Great Britain for

‘Panorama’, by Chris Meigh-Andrews and Cate Elwes, November 1993;

Accounts report (April 1993- October 1993) for ‘Panorama’;

‘River Crossings’ (brochure), organised by Camerawork, London, 18th March-11th April and 1st May 1993;

‘Cross Currents’ (x2), Café Gallery, 18th March-11th April 1993;

‘Quick-A weekend of live art’ (booklet), screening of ‘Eau d’ Artifice’, The South Bank Centre, 27th-28th February 1993; 

‘River Crossings- Biographies and Sites’, Creative Camera, February-March 1993;

Description of ‘Domestic Landscapes (1988-1992)’, by Chris Meigh-Andrews, September 1992;

'Video sculpture / installation - an introduction’, by Chris Meigh-Andrews, September 1990; 

'Eaux d'artifice-An installation for 34 monitors &4 VTRs’, description by Chris Meigh-Andrews, 1990;

‘Eau d’ Artifice’ (brochure), in ‘Visions and Transmissions’, Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston, 10th November- 1st December 1990;

‘Some notes on single screen video work: (1978-88)’, by Chris Meigh-Andrews, January 1988;

'Falling' a diagram, Alex Meigh and Chris Andrews, at Falling Annual Festspiel, 1984;

Various reviews from newspapers, magazines and radio shows on ‘The room with a view’, ‘On being’, ‘The stream’, ‘Eau D’ Artifice’, ‘Streamline’, ‘Cross-Currents’, [undated];

'Video sculpture / Installation: Background', (includes descriptions by the artist, of 'Eau d'artifice', 'Streamline', 'Heaven & Earth', 'Cross Currents', 'Zoetrope', 'Panorama', 'Perpetual Motion',[undated];

‘A photographic truth’, Chris Meigh-Andrews, Canon and V&A photography gallery, exhibition notes, [undated];

Catalogues: 'Back/Slash', Castlefield Gallery, MTTP and Castlefield Gallery Publication, 1995, ISBN: 1-901234-00-2;

‘Chris Meigh-Andrews -Video tapes. Installations. CD Roms, 1978-1997’, University of Central Lancashire, 1997, ISBN: 0-906694-56-6;

‘Chris Meigh-Andrews - Video Installations 1998/2004’, University of Central Lancashire, 2005, ISBN: 1-901922-51-0;