Documents held in the British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection

(title, author, publication, date, etc, included where known)


Kathleen Rogers



Videography to 1994;

CV to 1993.


Articles and reviews about the artist

'The Endogenous View', Gerald Harringer, Ars Electronica, 1992;

‘My mother was born…’, Mark Currah, City Limits, 18th-25th January 1990;

‘’Prelude’ at Kettle’s Yard’, Mel Gooding, Artscribe # 53, 1985;

'Electro-Nomads- or an interactive society?’ Sara Diamond, Variant. [undated];

‘Kathleen Rogers-Central Space’, Sarah Kent, Time Out, [undated].



Articles and reviews by the artist

‘Psi net’, Coil No1, 1995;

‘Sleepless dreaming’, May 1993;

‘Virtual Real Estate’, Variant, 1992;

'The Labyrinths of Lace', Women’s Art, November 1991. 



‘The Still Room’, card for the private view, The Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, 12th March 1991;

'Conversazione', The Central Space, London, 5th-25th January 1990.



‘Ingenious transformations’-Kathleen Rogers, Adam Lowe (leaflet), Millais Gallery (gallery talk), 29th April 1999;

Project Outline: 'Linking the Psi-faculty to Computer Technology' ('sleepless dreaming in the cybernetic cabinet' –‘The Cabinet of Death' and Xerox images), March 1994;

‘Sleepless Dreaming in the Cybernetic Cabinet’, description by Kathleen Rogers, January 1994;

‘Short Biography’ to1992;

Press release for 'The Still Room', Royal Albert memorial Museum, Exeter, 9th-23rd March 1991+ introduction, Xerox image, description of work, diagram for ‘The Still Room;

Extract from an unidentified magazine for ‘The Art of Losing Memory’, GB, 1991;

Notes of Kathleen Rogers on ‘The Silent Room’ and ‘HOPSCOTCH’, [undated];

Note of Kathleen Rogers to Astarti for an article by Rob Le Frenais on the artist;

Section from a catalogue ‘The Bioapparatus’, with texts ‘response’, ‘Discussion’ and ‘The Cabinet of Death’ by Kathleen Rogers, [undated];

Advertisement of ‘Conversazione’-A Multi-Monitor Video and Audio Installation, [undated].