Documents held in the British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection

(title, author, publication, date, etc, included where known)


Anthony Scott aka ‘Scotty’


Articles and reviews about the artist

‘meaningless moviemaker…’, extract from ‘The Longest Most Meaningless Lecture On The Longest Most Meaningless Movie In the World’, published by Swiz Publications at Swiz House, 1969;

'Ports of Swiz Authority Statement’ (x4).


Articles and reviews by the artist

'The Longest Most Meaningless Movie in the World', accompanied by ordering form, 1969;

‘The Longest Most Meaningless Movie in the World’

'Meaningless Movies at LSFT', 1969;

'Multimedia Education …Introduction to a lecture / performance / event, etc' 1969;

‘Trotsky…’Partisan review’’, undated;

'Pricks and Paper at Selby Caper' (x2), [undated account by Scotty of one of his performances];

‘The Longest Most Meaningless Movie in the World’, Cinema, October 1969;

‘Tastytimes & Swiz Magazeen… A 'Talk' by Anthony Scott', Arts Laboratory, 1968?;

'One Hundred Faces of Bach', 1968 [Drury Lane Arts Lab programme note?].



'Swiz has moved to...7 Doughty Street..' both c1970?;

‘The Longest Most Meaningless Movie in the World’ (x3), Edinburgh International Film Festival 1969?-1970?;

‘Anthony Scott’, Lisson gallery, April-May 1968;

‘U is for …’ Underground movie, Anthony Scott;



‘Swiz Events’ at St Katherine Dock, Tower Bridge, London, 1970?;

Pages from Time Magazine, 9th May 1969;

Swizinternational, 1969;

'SWIZ', poster 1968;

Copy for handout or poster, 12th-13th June 1968?;

'Swiz Anticapitalist Exploitation Rackets Annual Ripoff Report';

‘The Putrescent News’ photocopy-collage work;

‘Space Provision (Artistic, Cultural and Educational) Ltd;

‘For section headed ‘Madeira Sause’ inserted in ‘Making fun of Peers’’ article in The Times of 13th February, undated;

‘236 Trains- Swiztrips’, poster with trains, undated;

‘Great Discovery’flier about the Birmingham Bible Institute;

‘Are you interested in an extremely attractive proposition? Flier, [uncredited and undated];

Variety of articles, advertisements, diagrams in a form of magazine Swiz, undated;

Variety of articles, advertisements, in a form of Sunday Times Magazine;