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Exploring Expanded Cinema on the record & in the flesh

organised by the BAFVSC as part of the AHRC-funded research project: NARRATIVE EXPLORATION IN EXPANDED CINEMA

Speakers: Malcolm Le Grice, Maxa Zoller, Lynn Loo & Duncan White
Performances: William Raban, Guy Sherwin & Malcolm Le Grice
Films & Videos: Carolee Schneemann, Tony Sinden/David Hall, Valie Export, Morgan Fisher, Stephen Partridge, Jeff Keen, Steve Farrer, Ian Breakwell/Mike Leggett

6th December BFI Southbank NFT3
£15 (£10 concessions), includes £1 discount on evening Michael Snow events.

Full programme:

Register 10.45
11am Duncan White: Expanded Cinema: the Live Record
A talk illustrating many of the key works from Expanded Cinema, including works by Werner Nekes, Valie Export, Paul Sharits, Tony Conrad, Lis Rhodes, Gill Eatherley, David Hall, Ken Jacobs, W&B Hein, Malcolm Le Grice, William Raban and many others, that will illuminate the tension that exists between the live experience of expanded cinema and its documentation. Duncan White is a post-doctoral researcher based at CSM and is lead researcher on the AHRC-funded Narrative Exploration in Expanded Cinema project.

12.10pm Maxa Zoller: Simply Press PLAY: documenting film art today
Maxa Zoller will consider how new technologies and a hungry art market have altered attitudes to the problem of documentation of expanded cinema works, drawing on contemporary examples as Anthony McCall, Candice Breitz, Brad Butler and Karen Mirza. She will suggest that the close relationship between new technology, the presentation and the preservation of film art has a profound impact on the artistic, cultural and economic value of expanded cinema. Maxa Zoller is a freelance critic and moving-image curator

2pm Screening: Expanded Cinema Documents; works demonstrating expanded cinema’s preoccupation with the audience, reception, space and time, introduced by Duncan White

William Raban, Take Measure (1973-2008, 30 sec, 35mm & live performance)
Tony Sinden / David Hall, Between (1973, 15min, 16mm, colour/sound)
Carolee Schneemann, Illinois Central Transposed (1968, 4.30 min, 16mm film on video, colour, silent)
Valie Export, Touch Cinema (1968, 1.08 min, 16mm, b/w/sound)
Morgan Fisher, Projection Instructions (1976, 4min, 16mm, b/w/sound)
Stephen Partridge Monitor (1975, 5 min, video, silent)
Mike Leggett / Ian Breakwell, One (1971/2004, 12 min, 16mm on video, b/w sound)
Steve Farrer London Filmmakers Co-op 100’ Film (1976, 4mins, 16mm)
Jeff Keen, The Pink Auto (1964, 8 min extract, 8mm to DVD 2-screen)
William Raban, 4’22’’ (2008, 4.22 min, 35mm, colour, sound, live performance)

3.10pm Lynn Loo: On Guy Sherwin’s Expanded Cinema, using documentation from her archive of recordings. Lynn Loo is an artist, archivist and moving-image conservator. Plus Guy Sherwin (live performance) Paper Landscape (1975-2008, 8mm, colour, silent)

3.45pm tea break
Delegates’ Space - William Raban, Filmaktion / Walker Arts Gallery, (7min loop, 1973, 16mm b/w silent on video)

4pm NFT3 Malcolm Le Grice: Time and the Spectator in the Experience of Expanded Cinema. Artist Malcolm Le Grice will address the spectator’s experience of time as revealed in the differences between ‘continuous performance’ and ‘installation’, and consider the impact of digital media in this field. Using Raban’s Take Measure and his own new workSelf Portrait After Raban Take Measure as exemplars, he will look for correspondences between multi-projection and the non-linear experience of time for the spectator.

4.40pm Delegates’ Space - Malcolm Le Grice (live performance): Self Portrait After Raban Take Measure (2008, three projector video piece) followed by Reception.

Followed by:
6.10pm NFT3 Michael Snow in discussion with artist Chris Meigh-Andrews and curator Elisabetta Fabrizzi.

8.30pm Michael Snow Triage (with Carl Brown, 2-screen, 2004) plus A Casing Shelved (1970)