Sandra Landolt, 2007, 4:30 min extract, Australia
Push image
In the unforgiving outback country around Broken Hill, New South Wales a group of volunteers re-assemble a light aircraft from discarded fragments. Their Sisyphean efforts to re-launch the aircraft hint at the absurdity of human ambitions for mastery of the environment.

Mike Latto, 2007, 10 min, UK
311 image
An ambitious project to reinstate the eroded beach at Bournemouth involved pumping 19,500 metric tons of sand back onto the shore. Latto records the somewhat sinister night-time manoeuvres that restored the beach and contrasts them with the peaceful day-time scene populated by walkers and holidaymakers.

Proving Ground
Brendan Lee, 2007, 4 min extract, Australia
Proving Ground image
The Australian obsession with cars and test-driving is linked to the brotherhood of drinkers who must prove their masculinity at the bar as well as behind the wheel. Echoes of Mad Max and outback lawlessness combine with a sense of generalised fury letting loose beyond the city boundaries.

Young American
Eugenia Lim, 2005, 4 min, Australia
Young American image
Lim satirises what she sees as a latent xenophobia in Australian culture by releasing her ‘inner Bowie’ whilst paying tribute to the ‘fearless experimentalism’ of European feminist performance artists.

Where the Crow Flies Backwards
David Mackenzie, 2006, 6:50 min, Australia
Where the Crow Flies Backwards image
A dark dream of a sombre landscape provides the setting for the eponymous bird to ply back and forth between tree and modern communication tower. The symbolism of death lies heavy on its wings while the representation of the landscape struggles to maintain its material form in the digital age.

Days Like These
Mike Marshall, 2003, 5 min, UK
Days Like These image
The rhythmic clicking of a garden sprinkler counts out the duration of a long summer afternoon in a perfectly manicured garden. The clipped hedges and rose beds act as a template of suburban gentility exported and reproduced as English garden design in every corner of the Empire.

Surroundings: Trees
Jo Millett, 2007, 3 min, UK
Surroundings: Trees image
Trees is just that – a dense canopy of foliage moving imperceptibly in a light breeze. How do these deciduous trees survive so tightly packed? As they turn through their seasonal displays, it becomes difficult to decide whether they are directly observed or digitally simulated.

Ocean Echoes
Scott Morrison, 2007, 9 min, Australia
Ocean Echoes image
Working along the edges of abstraction and representation, Morrison creates a powerful metaphor for both the miracle of plant life and the precariousness of our relationship to the world’s bounty. As we head for global food shortages, this glistening field of ripening crops takes on the ominous character of a frantic warning.

Being There
Matthew Murdoch, 2006, 2 min, UK
Being There
Murdoch, father and son discuss a rugby match between England and Scotland that they plan to attend. They stop off at Hadrian’s Wall to contemplate the historic embodiment of the north south divide while generational and national divisions haunt their conversation.

Susan Norrie & David Mackenzie, 2006, 9:33 min, Australia
"Twilight documents the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, a subversive architecture of protest that embodies and accommodates Aboriginal activism and rights for Indigenous people."
Norrie & Mackenzie, 2008

Interior with Views
David Perry, 1975, 5 min, Australia
Interior with Views
A view through a window in stark black and white recalls the early days of video technology. The use of the window frame reflects Perry’s painterly concerns and the traditions of depicting landscape through the determining structure of a frame. Without a frame, landscape is only a wilderness.

Patricia Piccinini, 2002, 4:10 min, Australia
Sandman image
Through the image of an amphibian girl, Piccinini calls for us to love all our creations, even the ‘undesired outcomes’ of technological advances. Invoking the Aboriginal commitment to ancestors as well as to future generations, Piccinini equates such a duty of care with the care of country.

Meeting Nude Woman Walking on Balls (after Hans Baldung Grien, 1514)

Bronwyn Platten, 2006, 4 min extract, Australia
Meeting Nude Woman image
A naked woman walking on balls strapped to her feet re-enacts a drawing by Flemish artist Hans Baldung Grien. Transposed to the unforgiving terrain of Ochre Point in South Australia, she becomes an image of vulnerability and an emblem of a settler presence, making painstaking progress in a symbolic act of colonisation. 

Civil Disobedience
William Raban, 2004, 3 min, UK
Civil Disobedience image
A frenetic, time-lapse journey from the capital to the sea is achieved in just a few minutes and is accompanied by a pulsating soundtrack in which Margaret Thatcher’s speech justifying the sinking of the Belgrano in the Falklands War is sampled and reformatted by the composer David Cunningham.

Dominic Redfern, 2007, 5 min, Australia
HEAT image
The Mallee district, a source of inspiration for Australian painters is revisited in close-up. The tangled remains of dead foxes evoke the colonial history of introduced species as well as early settlers’ struggles for survival.

Emily Richardson, 2004, 7 min extract, UK
Petrolia image
Imminently redundant oil drilling platforms are towed back and forth like Meccano toys in a time-lapsed series of observations of Cromarty Firth in Scotland. Richardson’s film documents the decline of another UK industry while creating a visually sumptuous display.

The Coming Race
Ben Rivers, 2006, 5 min, UK
The Coming Race
An indistinct, slow-moving sea of humanity clambers valiantly up a rocky mountain. This enigmatic pilgrimage draws a range of interpretations as we witness the eternal struggle of humankind to reach the summit.