British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection


The British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection is dedicated to documenting the achievements of British moving-image artists. It contains over 4000 video copies of artists' works, approximately 5000 still images, files on 450 artists, a library of over 1000 books and magazines, a collection of historical posters and publicity materials, and documentation relating to key artist-led organisations, public funding bodies, etc. For more information and the online calatogues, click the Collections link on the left.

The Study Collection has also undertaken a number of exhibition, conference and publishing projects and hosts PhD research. Recent projects have included Narrative Exploration in Expanded Cinema, and Figuring Landscapes. For more information click the Projects link.

The Study Collection welcomes post-graduate researchers, curators, programmers, artists, anyone interested in the academic study of British Artists' Film and Video. To book an appointment to visit the collection – ring 020 7514 8159 or email


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