Research Papers


The Study Collection commissions and publishes research papers by academics and artists on subjects and issues relating to artists' film and video. If you are interested in publishing a paper on this website please email us. Links open in a new window.

Poetry-Film & The Film Poem: Some Clarifications
by Fil Ieropoulos
This paper traces the history of the idea of 'poetry' and 'the poetic' in relation to avant-garde film and clarifies the various definitions and nomenclature that have been used.

Which History?
by David Curtis
In this talk delivered at Tate International Council Conference, June 1st, 2001, Curtis discusses the history of artists' film and video and its representation in national art collections.

An analysis of the soundtrack in the work of Malcolm Le Grice
by Orlene Denice McMahon
The manipulation and function of sound in avant-garde film has undergone little analytical study whereas many critical readings have been undertaken regarding the conventional use of music in Hollywood cinema. Orlene Denice McMahon takes steps towards redressing this in her analysis of sound in Malcolm Le Grice's work.

Story, Script, and the Spaces in Between
by Sarah Turner
Sarah Turner has written a number of feature films but has grown increasingly frustrated with a prescriptive system of script development and the reproduction of a known formula. This paper is a discussion of alternative approaches to scriptwriting. It concerns film primarily as an aural and image-based medium, exploring its abstract potential through repetition and variation, rhythm and musicality.

Institutional Support for Artists' Film and Video in England 1966 - 2003

by Research Fellow Michael Maziere
This major research paper documents the relationship between the history of British artists' film and video and its institutional support structures from 1966 - 2003. With responses to the paper from David Hall and Michael Zyrd.

Digital Video Study Materials
by Professor Malcolm Le Grice and Research Fellow Steven Ball
A research paper produced about the practical issues involved in producing study materials on Digital Video and DVD.